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Top trends in Education Technology

Top trends in Education Technology

Technology has already changed our lifestyles in a major way. Our living and working have become more efficient than ever considering the advancement of machines and home appliances. The next step which has been taken for a better future is in the field of education with new methods and technologies getting implemented every day. Here are the top technologies which have become a trend that is being adopted by more and more education organizations every day.

Online Education.
With the increase of usage of internet in fields like food delivery, service providers, TV shows and booking of tickets, why should education prevail is taking full advantage of the platform. Online education has gradually improved a lot with the teachers interacting with their students through online sessions and uploading videos for the chapters in the syllabus. Online education is also necessary to remove the classroom barrier and to widen the learning opportunities for the students. The online education has also provided scope to rural students who can learn the same lessons on the internet that are being learned by students in cities.

Blockchain Technology
It is one of the most trending technologies that are presently dominating the big business markets. Soon, it is predicted to be the universal source for currencies and their values. Many companies have come up with their blockchain, and today, there is a need for educating the next generation of humans about this emerging phenomenon. Less we know that the blockchain technology can also be used to store the information of the records and certificates of the students. Such an approach can solve the issues of loss of records for the students while applying for any job or higher studies.

Personalized Learning
The era has evolved to a point where people are appointed private teachers for homeschooling their kids. Personalized learning is a thing now, and students are getting personal attention from their teachers who are either connected to them directly or through the internet. The learning process has been implemented with TV shows, Internet channels, and several applications focused on learning platforms.


AI based personalized learning experience
AI is the recent trend and is the most famous thing between the youth today. Not just in technology but also the fields of learning, manufacturing, and healthcare, AI is evolving at a significant pace. AI can be beneficial in education by performing the analysis of student’s performance and provide valuable feedback to their learning habits and other interests. It can be a supervision partner of students who will adopt the interests and habits of students and deliver ideas based on their choice of learning.

Virtual Reality in education
VR technology can prove to be really entertaining in the field of education. A totally immersive experience into the learning world can eliminate the distractions and provide a focused learning environment for students. The VR implementations are supposed to come into practice in the coming years for the small age groups to teach the basics.

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